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ET/BWMGR V8 License

The ET/BWMGR is a complete appliance image that you can run on your own hardware with a multicore CPU. You can download an image, test it on your hardware, and then if buy a license our software will install it on a hard drive on your system.


64bit i386 (Intel or AMD only) system with 2 ethernet ports. You must test your hardware with the bootable USB drive before purchase.


Full license pricing can be found here.

Product Details

  • Based on Freebsd O/S
  • Incremental Licensing from 100Mb/s to 10Gb/s (>1Gb/s Requires 10GB Bypass Adapter Option)
  • Complete HTML/JS Graphical Management Interface
  • Quotas and Billing Plans
  • Allow "Free" Billing and Quote Time Periods

  • Backup Utility to HDD or USB Drive (bootable backup)
  • Transparent Bridging (like an ethernet switch)
  • Can Manage Bandwidth for 1000\'s of Hosts, Networks or Traffic Types
  • Control Bandwidth by MAC or IP address or Protocol
  • Special Filters for p2p, HTTP header and URLs
  • Integrated Graphical Analysis of Traffic (via HTML interface)
  • Traffic Priorization
  • Integrated Firewalling
  • Full Featured Bandwidth Management Capabilities
  • Real-Time Traffic Monitor
  • Statistical Gathering and Reporting for type of traffic
  • Allow Customers/Users to View their Traffic Graphs
  • Statistics stored in RRD archive for Multi-Platform Access with 3rd party products
  • See Complete Software Description

Bypass Option

The Bypass card option is a valuable extra that allows your system to continue to pass traffic in the case of a failure. Additionally, the bypass option allows you to take your system offline from a remote location to perform maintenance.

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