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Emerging Technologies is a technology development company specializing in high-end bandwidth management. Through ultra-efficient integration of custom software, carefully selected and tuned off-the-shelf hardware and quality public operating systems, we bring high-end functionality to an affordable level.

Faster Machines, More Capability

Emerging Technologies' multiprocessor technology outperforms most of the best technology available at any price. With 1000s of customers worldwide, our products are deployed largely in rigorous, unforgiving ISP environments, and have proven over time to be top notch performers. Our latest offerings take full advantage of modern CPUs by leveraging carefully selected hardware and an optimized version of the FreeBSD Operating System. [Read More]

Product Information


The ET/BWMGR includes a powerful, real time monitor that gives you a unique view of your network. The monitor runs continuously and keeps track of all of the connections in your network, showing you the highest usage "streams". You can add filters or negative filters to hone your view. Just want to look at all of the DNS traffic? Just set a filter and watch. The monitor displays Host names, URLs and Referrers as well. Big Networks The


Support for the Dell R210 is now included in the current v5 build of the ET/BWMGR. The motherboard and base configuration is supported with any memory or CPU; clearly all possible add-on cards are NOT supported. We'll be offering them for sale as an appliance; if you plan to build your own we highly recommend that you contact us with your configuration before purchasing.


The Appliance USB Demo is a self-contained, bootable system image file that will allow you to verify hardware compatibility and test product features before purchasing a Software License, and also allows for product testing prior to the purchase of a Hardware Appliance. Once you download the image and burn it to a locally-purchased USB flash drive, you can then boot from USB and test a fully functional ET/BWMGR Bandwidth Management system in your

Featured Products

The ET/R2800D is an appliance with optional redundant power that support E5-2600 and E5-2600 v2 cpus. The ET/R2800D has 2 cpu sockets, allowing for up to 24 cpu cores and 48 simultaneous threads. Powerful ET/BWMGR Software The appliance runs our powerful ET/BWMGR software with a PHP-based graphical management interface. The GUI includes
The Dell R210/R2400 is a small footprint bandwidth management appliance with the same features as our R2400 appliance configured to run on Dell R210 hardware. Using Dell hardware gives you access to their world-wide network of support and 3 year hardware warranty. There is a 10 day lead time to get a customized Dell system. Ask about what
The ET/R2400 is a small footprint bandwidth management appliance powered by Intel i3 and E3-1200 series processors. Powerful ET/BWMGR Software The appliance runs our powerful ET/BWMGR software with a PHP-based graphical management interface. The base software includes a firewall, the ability to set
The ET/A1600 is a lightweight appliance designed to provide a cost-effective solution for corporate networks and small ISPs and Universities with less than 45Mb/s of traffic. Hardware Features Mini Footprint 1U Chassis Intel Atom D525 Dual-core Processor Manage up to 45Mb/s 2-8GB