Starting with version 5.0.33 of the ET/BWMGR, licensing is done from the ET/BWMGR GUI. Here are the steps required to get a license - from generating the license request file, requesting a license, and retrieving the license once it's been issued. If you have a demo installation with v5.0.32 or earlier, you must use the bwmgr_license command-line utility to generate the request.

Getting Started

Before requesting a license, you should already have done the following:

  • Booted from the USB Demo image
  • Set up networking and a network bridge using bwmgr_setup
  • Passed traffic through the bridge to confirm hardware compatibility
  • Installed to HDD using diskutil and boot from HDD
  • Tested the system in Test Mode after booting from the Hard Drive

To Do

  • Request a New License
  • Wait for us to Process your Request
  • Install the New License
  • For a New License: Upgrade and reboot with the Full Version of the Software
  • For an Upgrade, Stop and Start the BWMGR to enable the new license

License Request

Etbwmgr licensing gui

Before a license can be issued, a license request file must be generated on the appliance. Visit the License section of the ET/BWMGR GUI. On a new installation that has not yet been licensed, you should see something like this:

Etbwmgr new request

Click on the "Create Request" button. This will create the license request file, after which you will be able to request a demo using the GUI.

Etbwmgr request demo

Click "Check LIcense" and the system will query our server for a new license. If not found, it will give you an option. If you haven't previously requested a license, it will give you the option to request a license.

Etbwmgr request license

Click "Request License" and it will display a form. You need to fill out the form with your info; if we don't recognize the info we won't process the demo, so make sure you fil it in correctly. If you are requesting a demo license, type "demo" in the Sales Order field. If you've purchased a license, enter the sales order number.

Etbwmgr request form

Click "Send Request" and if successful, it will tell you that the request was received and that a ticket was created.

Etbwmgr request processed

At this point, when you check your license, you'll get a message "License Pending". It means that we've gotten the request and it's waiting to be processed.

Etbwmgr license pending

You can press "Reset" and try again later. Please don't pester us about it 5 minutes after you've sent it. It many take 24 hours to process, particularly in the evenings or on weekends. Processing Demo licenses is a low priority.


Once we've processed your license, when you click "Check License" it will tell you that your license is available.

Etbwmgr license available

Click "Install License"

Etbwmgr license installed

Starting with the New License

If you're still running the Demo Software, you'll need to upgrade to the full version before you can start the ET/BWMGR with your license. If you're already running a non-demo version, you should be able to start the BWMGR now from the Admin Menu.

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